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 September 2018 list

Payments from UK available by bank transfer, Non UK via Paypal in Euros or Dollars
Please check to see if post and package is included. If not, just e-mail your requirements and I'll calculate the weight and postage.

1)   PCB for the 300W 630m amplifier with HEF4013 / HEF4538 and TL071  Details
Printed circuit board for the amplifier with presoldered surface mount integrated circuits.
        All prices include standard post to the UK or Airmail to Europe / USA

        UK - 16        Europe 24 Euros            USA $27.75           all including post

2)   3C90 toroids for the 300W 630m amplifier.
       1 x 42mm and 1 x 14mm dia 3C90 toroids for the output transformer and directional coupler.
        Cost assumes these components will be shipped with the PCB.

        UK 5            Europe 6 Euros            USA  $6.75

3)     Resistor kit for 630m amplifier
Resistor kit with R1 - R11 and R14 - R37.
        With some suppliers asking you to buy 10 of each value, this option may save a lot of unwanted resistors. 
        Note this does not include the 2 high power 10 Ohm 20W resistors R12 and R13.
        Due to high shipping costs, This option pack is only available when ordered with a PCB.

        UK  2            Europe  3.00 Euros        USA $3.50

4)    Complete kit of parts for the 300W 630m Amplifier.   Details
PCB and all PCB mounted parts including all 4 toroid cores, wire and relays. Also MOSFETS power resistors
 low current LEDs etc. + Transistor mounting kits for the MOSFETs and M3 screws for mounting the 20W power resistors.

         UK 69  plus 3 post and packing.     Europe 87 Euros + 8 Euros airmail shipping.   USA $98 + $12 Airmail shipping.

5)    MF / LF  5 Watt linear amplifier.   Details
Designed for transceivers that produce a low level RF signal, this 2 stage amplifier typically generates 5W from an input of +6dBm.
With a bandwidth covering 80kHz to 2MHz this initial batch of kits is supplied with a low pass filter for the 630m band. 

ncluding shipping:         UK 20.00      Europe  26 Euros      USA  $31.00


6)   S-Band to 70cms receive converter kit.    Details  (sold out)
        Published by AMSAT in the UK, USA and Germany and by the RSGB.  This easy to construct
       kit  includes plated through hole PCB, all components and enclosure to build a 2400 to 432MHz
        satellite band converter.  Typical performance 2dB N.F. and 30dB conversion gain.
        Just add connectors of your choice  for worldwide  communication with a small dish antenna.
        Surface mount technology.
  Including recorded delivery  to the UK. Or small packet airmail  worldwide.                                70.00
International recorded delivery to most countries is also available on request                 


7)    300  Watt Class D 136 kHz transmitter.   Details 
      This kit is unavailable but the 630m board will work on 136kHz. e-mail for details


8)    136kHz LF Preamplifier   Details 
Double tuned circuit followed by a JFET amplifier and bipolar buffer.
        2 x Toko SMD coils, semiconductors + resistors, capacitors etc.
  This pre-amp is now  available  assembled and tuned for 136.5kHz or 472kHz @ 16 + 1 p+p (UK)
or  23 Euros / $28 via Paypal for Europe or USA including 1st class airmail postage

9)  LF Preamplifier blank PCB.
Make a LF or MF preamp for a frequency of your choice from the wide range of Toko SMD coils available
        from suppliers like RS Components.  PCB is double sided 50mm x 35mm
                                                                                                                Pre-amp PCB  6  /  9 Euros / $10  inc post.

2.4 GHz signal source kit  2010 design.    Details
       This little circuit is a comb, or harmonic, generator. It uses a 3rd overtone
       crystal and a PIN diode multiplier to generate a series of spot frequencies
       across the microwave spectrum. Useful for aligning S band receivers and
      checking the radiation pattern of antennas. - I can even hear this on 10GHz.
      A full kit of parts, including a crystal  is available from AMSAT-UK  Kit      15.00   (A-UK members price)
Amsat-UK accept credit card orders and will ship worldwide
     All kits have a  PCB with screen printing and plated through holes.

11)  - A narrowbamd 2m preamp kit including 2 x surface acoustic wave filters. Gain 11dB noise figure apx 1.5dB.
Details including downloadable pdf from the AMSAT-UK shop.

Components.  - (Postage extra)

Miscellaneous Components

Liquid Crystal Displays for the SM6LKM DDS project. 2 x 16 back lit    7.00
12A SPST  relays  from RS components.  Tested to 1000W RF output  4.00
STW34NB20 Power FET   200 V  Vds  34 Amp Id    3.27 (obsolete)

Reduced Flange size N-type connector.  Picture
Chassis mounting N-type female connector. 4 hole mounting 1.3mm dia 
spill connection to PCB.  Mounting hole spacing 12.5mm (same as standard BNC)
DC - 11GHz min.  Central PTFE diameter 4.1mm. Flange size 17.5mm sq.                    3.75 

Also available. Limited stocks of 

SD1407   28V  rugged 100W bipolar to 110MHz vy good on 70MHz @ 25
also MAR devices and MGA86576 (6GHz) / ATF36077 (12GHz)

To Contact me, e-mail

Post and Packing
For orders of components, postage is based on the overall weight of the package.
Standard first class post is used within the UK.  Recorded delivery is used for orders exceeding 50. Insured post is available on request at extra cost.

Orders outside the UK.
Airmail is used as standard.  This service is not recorded or 'traceable' but has proved very reliable. With 300+ packages sent to mainly western countries over ten years+, not one has gone astray. However international recorded delivery or an insured service e.g. UPS, or Fed Ex can be purchased to countries where this is available. 

Payments from outside the UK may be made via Paypal in Euros or US Dollars

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